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Shells and Targets get expensive!

Each year I see so many shooters just wasting their hard earned dollars trying to break the targets we set at Clay Bird Sports.  Week after week, shot after wasted shot.

You are doing it wrong!


That's quite evident from all the missing and cursing.  You maybe even want to blame the target setter for him being the devil he is.  Maybe you feel like the target setter is picking on you personally....

You need to hire a nerd to fix this!


When your computer breaks you hire a nerd to come and fix it.  When your car is broken you hire a mechanic, plumbing is leaking you hire a plumber.  So why then when you keep on missing targets do you think that you are going to miraculously come to some cheap fix?

I understand you, I'm a DIY guy too.  I will take on some of the darndest projects, I personally saved $500.00 replacing my own transmission in a 2003 Chevy Tahoe.  I get it, the satisfaction of "Doing it yourself" can be very rewarding.  But sometimes it isn't the most cost effective, and sporting clays is the same.

Something I've grown to understand is when to DIY and when to not DIY.  Right now if your shooting isn't what you want it to be, you should already be working with an instructor.  Self correction, if you don't have the basic fundamentals installed, is a fools errand.  You may break a target but don't know how you did it, does that sound familiar?

Ok, so if you've read this far, you probably need an instructor.  It just so happens I know a guy, let me introduce you to Greg Merlyn...


 Here is where every shooting instructor inserts a resume about how they have won A class at a local championship.  Maybe they were a world champion once.   Hey those are impressive accomplishments.  Maybe you should hire them, maybe you shouldn't....  Please don't contact me asking me to sell myself over other shooting instructors in Oklahoma.  These other instructors are my friends, colleagues and customers.  Maybe you should try us all....

My style of coaching and teaching is very laid back and personal.  I am one of the more analytical people you will ever meet, but my best skill is being able to relate to most any customers or clients I have.  Being self taught, I have been in your shoes before more than likely, if not I have probably seen it before from another shooter.  I know the anger, frustration and panic that comes with missing targets repeatedly. 


Book a lesson and lets work on that.

I take on clients of all types

  • First Shots fired

  • New Shooters

  • Parent/Child

  • Corporate Entertainment

  • NSCA Shooters

  • Club Shooters

  • Jr Shooters

  • Ladies

How much is all of this?


$60.00 per hr

**You are still responsible for your target cost to the club and for your own ammo.

Groups of almost any size are fine, you can split it amongst yourselves.  A word of caution though, you don't get as much out of a group lesson as the weakest link usually gets the most attention.

My time, is $60.00 per hr while on the course or working with you.  I don't charge any additional for groups or add ons for each person.  You just pay for my time.



$25.00 per hr additional

Bring a USB stick to take your files with you.

Contact Greg at

405-778-CLAY (2529)

Voice or Text 

You can also email through our contact us page

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