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Family Stand

Our family stand is setup for small groups to share the fun in a relaxed and safe environment.  Gone are the days where everyone will let you come shoot guns on their land.

Our family stand is setup for groups of 2-20people.

What does it cost?

There is a 1hr or 100 Targets for $38.00

What do you get?

up to 100 targets

up to 1hr usage of the Family Stand area

Can we buy extra targets?

Yes, you can, they are $0.38 each

Can we buy 1.5 hours?

No, we only sell time by the full hour, but you might consider buying two hours for $76.00 with up to 200 targets.

How do we book the stand?

Please text the date and time you need to


The family stand is a great way to shoot sporting clays, skeet shooting and clay targets with small group with little or no experience.

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